Beta-Carotene Reduces Risk of Colon Polyp Recurrence. In a randomized trial beta-carotene was shown to reduce the recurrence of colon polyps. However, smoking and drinking attenuated this benefit. Medscape Medical News 2003

Breast feeding reduces risk of obesity in children. The risk of obesity is 28% lower in breast fed children compared to formula fed children. Armstrong J,et al. Breastfeeding and lowering the risk of childhood obesity. Lancet 2002:359:2003-2004.

Attention vegans! Nori is a good bioavailable source of vitamin B12. B12 is almost exclusively from animal products. Strict vegan diets are typically low in B12. Nori is one way to get B12 on a vegan diet.

Reversing low bone density, naturally: Genistein, an isoflavone is soy products, has been shown to reverse bone loss in postmenopausal women. This has been known for a while and this new study supports it. After one year, the genistein group had an increased bone density of 3.6% and the women on hormone replacement had an increased density of 2.4%. The placebo group lost 1.6% of their bone density. In this study, the dose of genistein was 54 mg/day.  Morabito N, et al. Effects of genistein and HRT on bone loss in early postmenopausal women: a randomized db placebo controlled study. J Bone Miner Res 2002; 17:1904-12.

CRP vs. LDL ‘bad’ cholesterol for predicting cardiovascular risk: C-reactive protein (CRP) is an inflammatory marker that can be used to predict heart disease.  A recent study showed that CRP may be better than LDL for predicting heart disease. CRP is not yet recommended for general screening but may be useful in people with a personal or family history of heart disease. Journal Watch Cardiology December 13, 2002.

Flaxseed and Menopause: In a randomized study, 40 mg/day of flaxseed was as effective as Premerin plus oral progesterone at improving mild menopause symptoms and lowering glucose and insulin levels. Lemay A, Dodin S, Kadri N. Flaxseed dietary supplement versus HRT in hypercholesterolemic menopausal women. Obstet Gynecol 2002; 100:495-504.

Calcium and Cholesterol:  1000mg/day of calcium for a year improved HDL or ‘good’ cholestrol levels in postmenopausal women by 7% compared to 2% in the placebo group. The HDL/LDL radio improved 17%. These effects are similar to statin drugs (i.e. Lipitor). Reid I, Mason B, Horne A, et al. Effects of calcium supplementation on serum lipid concentrations in normal older women. Am J Med 2002:112:343-347.

DHEA and Bone Density:  DHEA, a precursor hormone to testosterone decreases with aging. Men and women who were low in serum DHEA-s, were supplemented with 50mg/day for 6 months. The bone density of the lumbar spine increased 2.5% and the total body increased 1.6%. Fosimax, a leading pharmaceutical for building bone density, increases bone density about 4%. Villareal D, Holloszy J, Kohrt W, Effects of DHEA replacement..Clinical Endocrinology 2000;53:561-568.

Antiperspirants were found to have no link with breast cancer. Researchers studied 1600 women with and without breast cancer and according to this study, there was no link with antiperspirants, deodorants, or application of either within 1 hour of shaving. Mirick D., et al. Antiperspirant use and the risk of breast cancer. J Natl Cancer Inst 2002; Oct 16, 94; 1578-80.

Vitamin B12 for migraine prevention. 19 patients received 1mg/day of nasal B12 for 3 months. There was a 50% or more reduction in frequency in 53% of the patients and a 30% or more reduction in 63% of patients. Van der Kuy PHM et al. Hydroxocobalamin, a nitric oxide scavenger, in the prophylaxis of migraine; an open pilot study.  Cephalgia 2002, 22:513-9.

Garlic can remove warts. Five children all age 5 years with warts on the hands were given raw cut garlic each night to apply topically on the wart. A Band-Aid was applied overnight and the area was washed in the morning. The warts went away in 2-4 weeks in all cases and a complete clearing occurred in 7-12 weeks. Garlic is caustic to normal skin when applied repeatedly. Olive oil or calendula cream can be used to protect the surrounding area in order to avoid irritation. Silverberg N.  Garlic cloves for verruca vulgaris. Pediatr Dematol 2002; 19:183.

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